DS Avocats was founded more than 40 years ago. Its banking and finance group includes a team specialising in Fintech, deployed throughout its various national and international offices.


In the field of Fintech, Digital Banking and Cryptofinance, DS Avocats fully deploys all the skills and synergies required to offer a range of complete and high-quality services and thereby satisfy the requirements of the market, in particular regarding:

  • Cryptofinance (Initial Coin Offerings, cryptocurrencies etc.);

  • Blockchain (trade finance, transfer of funds, interbank reciprocity, KYC data sharing etc.);

  • Mobile payments;

  • Open banking;

  • Portability of banking data;

  • New on-line insurance products and Assurtechs;

  • Digital identity;

  • Electronic signature (compliance with the e-IDAS Regulation);

  • Mobile applications dedicated to banking, financial services and insurance;

  • On-line KYC;

  • Participatory financing (crowdfunding and crowdlending);

  • Algorithmic and artificial intelligence services (roboadvisors etc.);

  • Big data;

  • Cloud computing;

  • Personal data protection and GDPR compliance;

  • IT and IT agreements in the area of finance;

  • and Internet of things.

The Fintech, Digital Banking and Cryptofinance department also covers all transactional aspects, including acquisitions, mergers, cooperation and outsourcing agreements, in particular in the Fintech and blockchain ecosystem.

It advises on matters of both national and international dimension in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. It is also active in Belgium, through the Brussels office of DS Avocats. Presence in Brussels enables DS Avocats to advise on matters of Belgian law and to collaborate closely with European institutions.


July 26, 2019


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8h00 - Accueil des participants - petit déjeuner - networking

9h00 - Allocution d’Ouverture

Laure de LA RAUDIERE, députée d’Eure-et-Loir

9h10 - « La plateforme : socle de la transformation du secteur bancaire ? »

Didier DESCOMBES, membre du comité exécutif, group chief strategy & development officer- financial services industry, groupe Sopra Steria

9h20 - Table ronde 1 - « Plateformes : quelle stratégie pou...

In addition to the optional visa available for all issuers of Initial Coin Offerings, the French Pacte Law establishes a regulated status as a Digital Assets Services Providers or "DASP".

As it stands, the implementing regulations have not yet been published and will come into force towards the end of 2019.

 The French Pacte Law sets out a framework for various services and provides for mandat...

The French law of 22 May 2019 (known as the "PACTE law") introduced a specific regime for ICOs, providing for the principle of an optional approval/visa issued by the AMF. This new regime, designed to promote the development of ICOs, does not apply to the issuance of tokens assimilated to financial securities ("Security Token Offering", "STO") but exclusively to the issuance of so-called "utility token".

Issuers of tokens falli...

Since the PACTE law came into force in France, a procedure for obtaining a visa for any public Initial Coin Offering has been provided for before the French Financial Markets Authority (the « AMF »).

In this context, the AMF requires issuers applying for a visa to set up a procedure to secure the funds collected during the ICO.


On the basis of the applicable regulations (in particular Article 712-7 of the General...

Le phénomène de tokenisation est susceptible de concerner l’ensemble des actifs, des plus traditionnels aux plus complexes, des plus liquides aux plus illiquides. Ces actifs peuvent être tokenisés dans un objectif de vente au public, avec les opérations de Security Token Offerings, mais également afin de les rendre plus facilement échangeables. L’intérêt majeur d’une telle innovation est alors de pouvoir gérer et échanger en p...

June 13, 2019

France is moving forward to embrace blockchain technology and the issuance of digital assets. While security tokens will be regulated just like the securities they are, France has crafted a regulatory regime that supports the issuance of utility tokens.

Last December, the French Government issued a decree (Décret n°2018-1226 du 24 décembre 2018) outlining a portion of the utilization of blockchain for securities. The decree mad...

June 6, 2019

Vos données bancaires sont riches d’informations hautement confidentielles. Mais que deviennent-elles quand vous changez de banque? Le point sur la question, un an après l’entrée en vigueur d’un règlement européen qui est censé avoir tout changé.

RGPD, an 1. Le 25 mai 2018, le « règlement général sur la protection des données » entrait en application. Objectif : encadrer et harmoniser, à l’échelle de l’Union européenne, le tra...

May 22, 2019

The benefits of security tokens (also known as “digital securities,” “smart securities” or “programmable securities”) for issuers and investors have been written about at length. However, the benefits described often confuse the benefits of crowdfunding and other existing market dynamics with those of security tokens. In this article, we will attempt to provide clarity around the benefits of security tokens issued by private c...

May 20, 2019

Thibault Verbiest will participate in the panel on "Real Estate & Blockchain".

While blockchain technology may offer many solutions to challenges of liquidity, inefficiencies and high costs in the real estate industry, is it all hype or is there something significant going on here?

April 24, 2019

Two specific liability regimes are often referred to regulate autonomous robots equipped with artificial intelligence: liability for things and liability for defective products.

The first regime is not adapted to the hypothesis of an autonomous robot because it implies a certain power of use, direction and control. The second regime is also problematic because damage can be caused without the "producer" being responsible for a...

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